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Have you ever wondered which member of 'N Sync would best be suited for you? Take this simple quiz & find your 'N Sync soul mate.

1. What kind of car do you want?
    a. A Mercedes Benz or Benz SUV
    b. An Acura SUV
    c. Something classic
    d. Something totally hot
    e. Can't I just borrow Mom and Dad's wheels?

2. When you're hungry, you usually crave...
    a. Cereal
    b. Pizza or anything Italian
    c. Chinese
    d. Taco Bell
    e. French toast

3. Which CDs cant' you live without?
    a. Janet Jackson or any hip-hop CDs
    b. Boyz II Men, Journey or movie soundtracks
    c. Seal or Sting
    d. Busta Rhymes and Beastie Boys
    e. Shania Twain or Garth Brooks

4. When renting videos, which ones get your votes?
    a. Usual Suspects
    b. Anything with Robert Di Niro in it
    c. Star Wars or Indiana Jones
    d. An old Bruce Lee action movie
    e. Armageddon

5. At a bookstore,which books are you looking to buy?
    a. That book Clue sounds good
    b. Plays, Shakespeare, something like that
    c. The Notebook looks interesting
    d. Something from the Sci-fi isle
    e. Anything, really.

6. In your free time, what do you like doing?
    a. Shooting hoops
    b. Jet-skiing or calling all your friends
    c. Seeing a movie
    d. Rollerblading
    e. Going to the beach

7. What type of person are you attracted to?
    a. Someone intelligent and family-oriented
    b. Someone funny and flirty
    c. Someone honest, with a very positive self image
    d. Someone spontaneous and offbeat
    e. Someone innocent and spiritual

8. What's something your friends compliment you on?
    a. You're great at sports
    b. You're a pretty good dancer
    c. You're the one who keeps everything organized
    d. You have a great sense of humor
    e. You're totally loyal and a great listener


Ok, check your answers & click on the letter you responded to the most.





This was adapted from Superstars magazine's quiz.